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  • Development of new business
  • Export of testing instruments and precision metal processing parts in Asia.
  • Medical welfare goods business
  • Sublease of building business
  • Japanese Food and Daily Necessaries Delivery service for resident officers
  • Import of diamond for domestic dealers
  • Business of solar power panel & the related components.

Business Category

Needle Detectors, Metal Detectors, and Various Kinds of Testing Instruments
Coating Thickness Meters, Moisture Meters
Broadcast Equipment
Import for domestic sales of solar power panels and the related components.
Banknote Counter
Precision Metal Processing Parts
Medical Welfare Goods
Sublease of Building
Japanese Food and Daily Necessaries Delivery service, import of diamonds.



Business Department No.4
TEL : 81-3-6386-3507 / 81-3-6386-3509/ 81-3-6386-3510
FAX : 81-3-6386-3523
Mail : d1@sanko-mabis.com
Needle Detector,Equipment for Salmon Hatchery,Assistive Device for Banking Services,Broadcast Equipment,Drilling Bit,Water Treatement Materials,Fish Processing Machine,Precision Metal Processing Parts,Surface Functional Improvement Technology,Electronic Components,Diamond,Japanese Foodstuffs, Daily Necessaries Overseas Delivery Service ,Rental Building ,Construction equipment / materials