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We deal with Russia and trade in seaproducts and machinery. Regarding to seaproducts, we mainly make import and offshore trading of Russian northern fish (salmon & trout, bottom fishes, fish roe etc.).
We sell them not only to Japanese market, but also to various markets. And also, we export Japanese seaproducts to Southeast Asia.
Nowadays, due to health oriented rise in all over the world and its demand is rising sharply.
We, considering foods safety, would like to supply good quality’s marine products. And besides,
we export building materials and fishery processing machine.

Business category

Import/Export/Tripartite trade : Marine Products and their processing products etc.
Export : Equipment/materials for marine products’ processing goods, Construction equipment/materials
Import : Salmon, Trout, Crab, Shrimp, Fish Roe (Salmon Roe, Pollack Roe), Atka mackerel, Scallop etc.

Main items

Import :Salmon/ Trout, Crab/ Shrimp,Fish Roe (Salmon Roe, Pollack Roe), Atka mackerel, Scallop. etc
Export:Equipment/ Materials for marine products’ processing, Japanese seaproducts


Business Division No.1 Business Department No.1
TEL : 81-3-6386-3503
FAX : 81-3-6386-3522
Mail : r1@sanko-mabis.com
Crab,Shrimp,Salmon/Trout,Halibut,Fish Roe,Other Fishes