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Privacy Policy

Sanko Progress Mabis Corporation (in the following collectively referred to as the “Company”) decided the following personal information protection policy and organize its system and drive home to employee importance of personal information protection.
In this way, we promote personal information protection.
Management of personal information
In order to prevent unauthorized disclosure, tampering, loss of personal information, Company make maintenance/control of security system and provide requisite education, training and information activities for employees concerning appropriate handling of personal information.
Purpose of Use
We use personal information which is provided from customers for sending e-mail or mail on information/ notice/ answer to your question.
Company don’t disclosure of personal information to third parties except the following cases
・When the Information owner consented
・When considered necessary for service for the Information owner
・When considered necessary for service for the Information owner
The personal information’s safety
Company due to personal information’s correct & safety we make thoroughgoing measures. In case of that the Information owner asked information’s amendment, correction, disclosure, Company require information Owner’s identify and take proper action. Company follows law /
standard and reexamine them, accordingly we reexamine these policy’s contents.
In case of your inquiry on personal information’s treatment, please contact
the following
Sanko Progress Mabis Corporation
20-7,Samon-cho,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo,160-0017 Japan
TEL: 81-3-6386-3501
FAX: 81-3-6386-3521