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Import / Re-export of Seafood, Export: Materials/machinery, relating to resources’ develop / infrastructure and consumption goods


The Sea of Okhotsk (Russian water) has the richest marine resources in the whole world. Recently, demands on seafood are increasing all over the world among health-oriented people.
We continue to supply well-known marine products in Japan, such as crab, shrimps, salmon, pollack roe etc.
Russia, which is a member of BRICS, recently makes steady progress, directs his own energy to develop resources and improve infrastructure. Japan in Far-East Asia increases business chances with Russia, and cooperating with supplier, we export assistive device for banking services, electric parts, construction equipment/ materials to Russia.

Main items

Import : Salmon/Trout, Other Fishes, Crab/Shrimps, Fish Roe (Salmon Roe, Pollack Roe) etc.
Export : Machinery/equipment for marine foods processing, construction equipment/materials, assistive device for banking services, oil pipeline etc., other consumption goods etc.
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