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Needle Detector

Sanko Brand Needle Detector “APA-6800” newly designed detecting module gave minimize outer noise impact by surrounding enviroment of the unit and detection ablility has been improved. We also newly equipped reverse belt function on this APA-6800.


Ultraprecision Machining Parts

Super precise cutting and rolling processed parts, from the stage of the design to mass production.
We do supplying our precision parts to Vehicle and its peripherals industries and other fields for VCR/Video Camcorder, Office Automation products and Printer, assuring the processing achievement with 0.003mm allowance level in mass production.

1. Automobile and its peripherals
Air Bag, ABS, Automatic Transmission, etc., for Automobile and its peripherals, which are requested the highest quality and stability as critical parts directly relating to the human life.
We provide your safety and secure life by our severe management and perfect traceability, which applies to ISO 9001:2000, QS9000.

2. Precision Motor
Precision Leed screws for HDD, DVD, CD-R head and for Digital Camera and for lens focus motor of Mobile Phones.
We do Stainless/Brass/Aluminum material processing; also we do following special plate method.
“Kani-Pice” for replacement of Stainless and smooth surface and low friction.
“Alu-Pice” for light weight.
“Tef-Pice” is solution for maximum decrease of friction.
These versions achieve low power consumption, cost reduction and high quality of your products.

Surffim is new technology which realizes  「Mirror surface」on the surface of metal processing parts.
By processing specular surface on the detailed convex which exists in the metaled processing surface, it is a large improvement about various slide performances!
♦Specializing in small-diameter cutting parts surface improvement technology.
(can be corresponding to outer diameter φ2~φ32)
♦Cutting by NC automatic Lathe machine + SURFFIM process!
(Finished goods that is manufactured from NC Lathe machine)
♦A variety of materials can be processed.
♦Separation of manufacturing process after heat treatment can be processed
Realizing these specular working!
By applying「SURFFIM」, a variety of requirement can be met!
♦Long life components
♦Improvement of energy transmission loss
♦Smaller and lighter power supply
♦Save energy, cost reduction
♦Improve the performance speed of response
♦Advanced sealing ability
♦Preeminent sliding performance can be added to fillet, the stage processing part, and R form of pipe form parts.

4. GF Roller (Grip Feed Roller)
GF Roller (Grip Feed Roller) was developed by Ultra Precision technology, which is capable of perfectly gripping any materials. GF Roller is simple, small, light and most economical in the market, which is only one to be adopted for Dye Sublimation Pinter.

Construction equipment / materials

We supply [AIRMAN][KANTO-TEKKO] construction machinery for the Philippine market.



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